Психологическая помощь, Таро-психолог

Психологическая помощь, Таро-психолог

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    Step by step, unswervingly of all people trying to tag and digitize? And if they do not want.They do not want to have anything in common with different gadgets, digital money and the Internet in general. They don’t want everything, by the way, they have a full and today is still completely legitimate right to do so. 
    And so that the life of such people does not seem "raspberry", they are trying to complicate life, and for this they need to write a statement of personal presence on any movement with their personal data in each of the potential list of government departments.Otherwise, they are frightened by "scammers."

So in the news feeds appeared "pugalka" - fraudsters can steal your property with an electronic signature, even if you did not do it.
The most interesting thing is that it will always be until real

    The network is increasingly talking about fraud with electronic signatures of Russians. Under the new scheme, it is possible to completely rewrite your apartment, get a loan on you or open a one-day company. The attackers are satisfied, because from the point of view of the law, people themselves "signed the document" in the documents. Just not by hand. 
    The most interesting thing is that it will always be until real communism comes , since it is profitable for everyone except the victim. Alone on potential and groundless fear, control social society, others earn on it. 
By the way, who is more honest - the oligarch or "digital fraud".

    There is a desire to read the scarecrows and, so to speak, to join the digital technologies, open the search and you will learn:

  • What is the electronic signature?
  • How to fake electronic signatures?
  • How to steal signatures?
  • How to avoid signature fraud?
  • How to solve problems?
    What do you want from this? 
    All problems will be finally solved when the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media “defeats” anonymous SIM cards , says Alexey Lukatsky. Sims without a contract and now can not be sold, but the prohibition is observed badly: they are still sold at railway stations and railway stations. What people use and who need anonymity. 
    The main news described in the bible. In the future, telephone numbers want to be tied to specific citizens through the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA) .Anonymity will already be harder to observe! 80% of the Internet of any country is gray or dark. So the issue of anonymity has long been resolved! But they are trying to solve this issue under the guise of creating their own DNS-zones.

    Why are they so eager to solve the issue of the so-called "anonymity"? In one of the most readable books, the Bible says - "... no one who does not have this label can either sell or buy ...". Actually, if we apply this image to the realities of this day, there is the so-called question of self-employed citizens . Such citizens are poorly served by the control system and they do not want to pay taxes. But after all, every living person pays taxes. I went to the store - paid many times the VAT 20%. Filled gasoline - the same result. I went to a paid clinic, the scheme is the same. It turns out some kind of double taxation. Why do these highly organized citizens have to pay something else, because they have to pay extra for social utility.
    It would seem - well, all of them with their own labels, let's go into the taiga, as the Old Believers did in the Middle Ages. And live on a subsistence. But no, the taiga is burning now.Too big and thick, it has grown over 200 years. That is what is the main cause of fires, and already the performers just earn on it. So during the Vietnam War, for the very same reason for universal camouflage, napalm was used, and although this did not help much, since the jungle is thicker and grows many times faster, yet it locally eliminates problems. In the taiga fighting is not conducted, but the method is still found. Material values ​​are not needed by those who control this world - everything belongs to them anyway. What is the most valuable thing in the world is correct - this is a human resource, people. And for the sake of control over this most valuable world resource, you can sacrifice anything, even living forest.The USSR had no such victims. After all, it is impossible to control something while inside the system, but you can control it.
You still want to be controlled

    You still want to be controlled , then we go to you. Eternal advertising joke and very successful.Classic advertising genre! 
But seriously, did not read the Bible? Be sure to read, learn a lot of interesting things. For example,Yandex, the first thing I did was read this particular wonderful book and look at the result. One of the most expensive aggregators in the world. 
     Written thoughts and structured text are the personal opinion of the authors. The publication does not call anyone and nothing, does not blame anyone. After all, thinking is not prohibited.

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