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Психологическая помощь, Таро-психолог

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What is the perfect man | 10 required qualities

Men, for you there are two news - good and not very.
The good thing is that the overwhelming majority of women paint a nearly identical image of an ideal man, that is, having certain qualities, you can conquer almost any woman.
The bad news is that these required qualities - 10, that is, have to work hard.
  1. Kindness

    Forget the image of the brutal Maine, a sort of agent 007, who calls his lady of the heart a “bitch” and fights with everyone.

    Bad cruel boys only like fifteen-year-old PIS @ lettings.
    Adult women love good men.
    Of course, first of all they are interested in, so that he is kind with his other half, but this quality should also be shown to others.
    And please: do not confuse kindness with a weak character.
  2. Sexuality and skill in bed

    Men, leave these ridiculous thoughts that women have little interest in sex and the only reason women are engaged in them is the desire to get married.
    Nonsense all this!
    We also love sex, just like you, but we are not interested in technical copulation, but in an act that gives pleasure.
    If a man thinks that the “erogenous zone” is the name of the group, the prelude is one dry kiss, and all poses, except for the missionary, are depraved, then you should not be surprised that his woman looks like a toothache.
    Good potency and the ability to bring his beloved to orgasm - the essential qualities of an ideal man.
  3. Good physical condition and health

    Good health is not given to everyone by nature.
    I understand that there are people who suffer from incurable diseases or become victims of injuries, and they also deserve love and happiness.
    I am now talking about those idiots who, having no particular health problems since birth, themselves ruin him with bad habits, unhealthy diet, lack of physical exertion, etc.
    It is hard to count on God to look in the eyes of your beloved, when you weigh one and a half centners, instead of muscles you have fat folds, you rarely wash, and you also stink from your mouth because you do not often visit dentists.
  4. Ability to earn well and generosity

    That's just not necessary now about the mercantile spirit - this is a favorite song of losers.
    A woman intuitively searches for companions of life for someone who can provide a decent life for her and her future children.
    So, stop whining about the crisis, the lack of vacancies, fate and so on.

    Better start looking for new and promising sources of income.

    And when you start to earn good money, do not save on your wife’s pleasures, do not make her report on every purchase, indulge with gifts and pleasant surprises.
  5. To be a great family man

    The family should come first for you.
    Not work, not friends, not hobbies, but family.
    You should spend maximum free time with your children, arrange family outings somewhere, do not refuse to visit your own and her parents.
    In general, the presence of those most unfortunate family values ​​is important for any woman.
  6. Strive for success

    A seat of 20 years in one working chair with a minimum salary does not excite.
    You must constantly strive to the top: build a career, earn more, open your own business, etc.
    The pursuit of success for women is not only material wealth, but also the opportunity to be proud of the achievements of her husband.
  7. To be a protector

    How many years have passed, and the proverb “For a husband, like a stone wall” does not lose its relevance.
    Any woman wants to feel a sense of security next to her man, wants to believe that he can solve any problem, save her and her children from danger, settle difficulties that have arisen, put someone who is trying to offend her in place.

    1. Easy to find language with people.

      It turns out that women adore when their man is the center of attention in any, even if unfamiliar company.
      The beech tree standing in the corner is “Fu,” and the merry fellow, who has all eyes on, is “Wow.”
      And of course, your love is waiting for you to easily find a common language with her parents and other relatives, with her friends, those who are dear to her.
    2. Fidelity

      Here, in my opinion, nothing needs to be explained.
      Find me a fool who will jump with happiness, having learned that her second half is cheating on her.
      Unless we are talking about the notorious free relations, but for some reason I don’t believe in such “love” too much.
    3. Ease of lift and activity

      Well, we do not like the body, which lies constantly on the sofa, which can not be knocked off from it.
      Women love when a man easily gives in to persuasion to do some work around the house (and, ideally, he sees what needs to be done), to go with her to relatives or friends, to visit a theater or a restaurant, in general - be ready to implement any ideas beloved.

    As you can see, the  ideal man is a multi-component collective image, so you boys will definitely work on it.

It is a little sad that in the representation of many girls the ideal man is a hypersensitive ped @ k-telepath.


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