Психологическая помощь, Таро-психолог

Психологическая помощь, Таро-психолог

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How to create a favicon for a site

     Favicon (abbr. From the English. FAVorites ICON - “icon for favorites”, from the name of the bookmark folder in MSIE) - the icon of a web site or web page. It is displayed by the browser in the address bar before the page URL, as well as as a picture next to a bookmark, in tabs and other interface elements. 
    Create your  favorite is very simple. You need to download from the network any square image, it is desirable that it be bright. To edit it in the format of any editor, or in the network of such online programs abound. All is ready. For example, a blogger can not reduce or edit anything. The main thing is that the picture was not large in size and strictly square. 

Examples of Favicon: Author: SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK Gs 
icon for favorites - fascioicon for favorites - fascioicon for favorites - fascioicon for favorites - fascio

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